Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Evaluation

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) afflicts 2-4% of reproductive-aged women and is defined as two or more pregnancy losses.

A thorough evaluation is required to diagnose the cause of RPL. Causes include:

  • immune factors
  • anatomic factors (e.g. abnormalities in the anatomy of the uterus)
  • genetic factors, in a woman, her male partner, or the fetus
  • endocrine factors (e.g. thyroid disease, diabetes),
  • thrombophilia factors (i.e. blood clotting disorders),
  • environmental factors, which may be found at work, at home or following certain medical procedures
  • lifestyle issues (e.g. tobacco use or heavy alcohol use)
  • infections

Following such an evaluation, treatment options will be discussed aimed at helping couples avoid another pregnancy loss.

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