Patient Success Stories

Lisa, an actual patient of Dr. Zapantis, describes her success story with artificial insemination after a miscarriage and two children.

Married at 34, Joanne was ready to get a start on motherhood soon after. But after testing out another fertility center where she felt like a number, she started to look for a more personalized one on one treatment. After an In Vitro Fertilization treatment with Dr. Zapantis, Joanne and her husband were blessed with two babies.

After Megan had a daughter, she never imagined she'd have trouble having another child. Dr. Zapantis provided Megan with the care and treatment she needed, to help her and her husband conceive again.

Young and healthy, Adina was caught by surprise when she and her husband had difficulty conceiving. After 6 straight IUI's, Dr. Zapantis recommended IVF. After a few months, Dr. Zapantis and the team surprised Adina to tell her she was expecting.

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