Natural Cycle IVF in Long Island

We recommend the IVF treatment that is most suited to your specific infertility cause.  For a gentle and more natural approach to IVF, Natural Cycle IVF or Natural IVF, is similar to conventional IVF but without high doses of fertility medication that are used to stimulate an ovary to produce multiple eggs.

The staff at New York Reproductive Wellness will work in line with your menstrual cycle and your naturally occurring fertility to obtain the highest quality egg you body matures.  You will be closely monitored with ultrasound exams and we will carefully check your blood hormone levels so that we can accurately determine when your dominant follicle is developing.  When ready and the follicle is most developed, we will perform an egg retrieval and then use our state-of-the-art laboratory to complete fertilization.  Our embryologists will monitor the further development of your embryo through cleavage and blastocysts stages, awaiting the optimal time for your embryo transfer.


Natural Cycle IVF in Long Island is perfectly suited for many patients because its very low risk and has a lower cost than traditional IVF.  Overall, it is the most patient-friendly IVF option.  Among the advantages of Natural Cycle IVF are:

  • The use of no medications and no injections
  • Much lower cost
  • Better success in women with Low Ovarian Reserve
  • No general anesthesia for egg retrieval
  • No risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • Less physical stress on your body
  • Less monitoring with fewer ultrasound exams and blood tests
  • The elimination of multiple pregnancies


Who is Natural Cycle IVF Good For?

New York Reproductive Wellness offers a highly successful Natural Cycle IVF that has gained global attention as a treatment alternative, safer than Conventional IVF techniques.  Because we only collect one egg during a Natural Cycle, the treatment is best suited for older women who still have not yet reached menopause, women who have low ovarian reserves, and couples who are seeking the most natural fertility treatment possible without the use of medications.


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