June 2019 – Genetics in Medicine

Comparing ethnicity-based and expanded carrier screening methods at a single fertility center reveals significant differences in carrier rates and carrier couple rates June 2019 – Genetics in Medicine Expanded Carrier Screening (ECS) has become the standard of care for patients seeking fertility treatment over traditional ethnicity-based genetic screening panels. Due to the increased likelihood that individuals seek to become single parents, not knowing the genetic status of their donation partner, and the recent developments of cost-effective genomic technologies, genetic screenings have become increasingly accessible. New York Reproductive’s Dr. Avner Hershlag co-authors this study comparing the effectiveness ethnicity-based carrier screening and the newer expanded carrier screening to ensure a healthy, live…

February 2019 – RBMO Paper

Choosing an expanded carrier screening panel: comparing two panels at a single fertility centre

February 2019 – RBMO Paper

Dr. Avner Hershlag investigates Carrier rates and carrier couple rates and their increases as expanded carrier screening panels (ECS panels) include more disorders and mutations. These rates, however, vary based on self-reported ethnicity. Preconception carrier screening of a diverse ethic population benefits from a more broadened and comprehensive expended carrier screening panel.

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